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Soft Services

House Keeping
Janitorial Services
Help Desk Management services
Cafeteria & Food services

Support Services

Handymen & Staffing solution.
Front Office administration
Production Support services
Mailroom Management
Business Support services
Warehouse Management
Inventory Management

Security Services

Guarding & Patrolling
Electronic Surveillance
(Camera & CCTV)
Visitor’s Management
Access Control
(Security locks and cards)
Parking Management
Elite guard & bouncers

Hard Services

Electrical & Power backup solutions
Electrical Contracts
Firefighting Equipment’s & System Management
(Operations & Maintenance)
Plumbing & Water management
Carpentry & Painting services.
Glass & ACP Cladding

Remote Services

Ground transportation
Infra structure management
Campus security


Integrated Facility
Management Domain

We at Enovizen Integrated Facility Management Services Pvt Ltd strongly believe in Integrity & passion along with team work which drives us and gives a solution with a systematic approach to the customer needs. Enovizen Integrated Facility Management Services Pvt Ltd is a Cliental focused company with a strong ability in Problem solving skills & consistently strive hard to excel through expertise in fulfilling the customer requirements.



Hospital (Health)

Daily & periodic deep cleaning | Dining area cleaning | Work area condition assessment | Illumination level observation & monitoring | Maintenance management


Each Commercial building and customer have unique requirements. Through our understanding of the use and experience of current and future commercial buildings, we look at each business with a fresh perspective. We guarantee quality and accountability, helping you minimise your costs and risks. We understand every aspect of the day-to-day support required for commercial facilities. We provide dedicated and precise work which ensures that you only need to focus on running a successful business.

Industrial (Manufacturing)

In a globalised business environment, manufacturing companies are turning to integrated services to drive down costs and increase output. Enovizen Integrated Facility Management Services Pvt Ltd provides the perfect combination of manpower and equipment to industrial sector, thus removing the need for third party contractors. Safety is our first priority which is why we ensure that the highest quality materials, people and products are used in all processes. We Our industrial services also include energy management, pipework fabrication, painting, drain cleaning, asset maintenance, catering, security, carpentry, electrical and plumbing services, and cladding (Glass and Aluminium composite panel), safety and environmental services and specialist industrial cleaning.


Retail businesses and commercial ventures require stocked aisles, trained employees, well-maintained premises, warehouses and a safe & secure environment. Through our services we offer a dedicated team of professionals that is constantly striving to meet new challenges and exceed client expectations. Enovizen Integrated Facility Management Services Pvt Ltd provides clients in the retail sector with cost effective solutions that allow them to focus on optimising user experience and improving their brand.


Enovizen Integrated Facility Management Services Pvt Ltd will partners with schools, colleges and universities to provide them with best-in-class facility management and support services, thereby paving the way for a better tomorrow. We understand that a well-maintained facility can be a catalyst for innovation and collaborative teaching and can help students reach their full potential. We provide innovative, sustainable, and cost-efficient facility management solutions.

Restaurant & Guest House

This is an industry where delays and defects are unacceptable, delivery needs to be rapid and flawless. From guest houses of large multinational corporations to clubs and sports facilities, we understand the daily needs of our guests and deliver cleaning regimes tailored to our clients' needs along with full facility management and maintenance services. We always rise to meet the highest specifications and deliver the best possible results every single time.


The residential sector has multiple requirements for facility management on a regular basis. As one of the leading Integrated Facilities Management companies in India, SMS provides housekeeping, pest control, landscaping and many other services in the residential sector. Maintenance of electro-mechanical assets, power back-ups and water supply management services are also provided by us to ensure that we meet all facility management requirements of our clients.